Sunday 9 March 2008

What would you spend for 80 minutes with a world class hooker?

That got your attention didn't it.
Sorry no, not that type of Hooker, the rubgy type :-)

It was a 6-nations weekend Ireland lost to Wales (~sigh~), Scotland beat England (~cheers~)
France beat Italy (~ahhhh poor wee Italian lambs~).

So in answer to the question, I would and did pay 75 euros for the pleasure of 80 minutes with not 1 but 2 world class hookers and it was worth every penny ... even if we did loose



Cristian D'Aloisio said...

"Italian poor lambs" ?!
We will be wolves next time ;-)

I hope we will be as good as in soccer game (one day...).

díoltas! ;-)

Steve McDonagh said...


I hope you are wolves next time, and I have a feeling you will be. If not next year then the year after. It is now not the case that Italy are the "easy" team in the 6 nations as it was back when you joined the championship.



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