Thursday 13 March 2008

My NamePicker OpenNTF project updated and an apology

Just upgraded my NamePicker on Openntf to V1.2.4 because Martjin De Jong wanted keyboard controls in the drop downs, so I added them, which is a bit embarrassing cos i really should have thought of that myself ... god and i used to be a mouse hater! Ohhh its not lovely like what Chris creates, its not particulary whizzbangy like Jake does and not state of the art like what IBM does... but it does what it says on the tin (apart i see from Safari) its mine and it is my first bit of Open Source and 590 people have downloaded it.... :-)

And while i am at the Ooops.. an apology to Carl Tyler ... alas your mail from OpenNtf notifying me about the safari problem with Name picker ended up in my Junk Mail folder, not quite sure why. So I am downloading Safari and I will have a look at the problem this weekend rugby-permitting 8o) . Sadly I dont have a mac or access to a mac to test it on an "apule"... Does anyone know is Winderz Safari near as damn it the same as Apule Safari as far as its JS and DOM handlers are concerned?



Carl Tyler said...

I found the issue on Windows Safari, so no idea if it exists on apple Safari, I don't have a Mac either :-)

By the way I am using the picker in a little app at the moment, I think I found one other bug but I need to reproduce, but I like it, thanks for the great work! said...


Thanks :)
Glad you like it.. I have downloaded Safari and I will get to having a look at the onfocus problem this weekend.
Let me know about the other bug and I will get onto that asaop

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