Friday 11 December 2009

A new 419 Scam arrived this morning and I just couldnt resist

Greetings people! It has been a while since i last posted , busy busy work work, you know the score. However I just couldnt help myself this morning when this popped up in my inbox
British Airways Authority(BAA)
Baggage Claims Unit (S506)
London Heathrow Airport
PO Box 5619
Sudbury Suffolk CO10 2PG

This is British Airport Authority (BAA), the world's leading airport
company. I wish to inform you that a box containing US$5.5 Million has been
received through our Heathrow Airport in your name as appeared on the tag
attached to the box. I have personally examined and scanned the box and
discovered it to contain (US$5.5Million). I decided to contact you before
sending the box to the UK's Customs for final scanning and official
In view of this, I am contacting you to ascertain the correctness of the
name that appeared on the tag and also inform you that the box has since
been deposited with the UK Treasury Insurance Authority at the airport for
safe keeping pending the outcome of this contact.

As soon as I hear from you, you will be directed to contact the
clearing/releasing officer.

I want you to contact me urgently on my private email at
before sending the box to the customs.

Best regards,
Mr. J.Uddin
British Airways Authority(BAA)
London United Kingdom

Well this was a new one on me, so i felt beholding to respond in my usual efficent manner, so this was sent from a spoofed outlook account
Mr Uddin

I am contacting you because we in the Police Service of Northern Ireland VNB task force have been monitoring Mr McDonagh's activities and we believe you may be in danger!

We have been passed information from the police in Nigeria that MrMcDonagh may have nailed the testicles of a Dr Winston Woodogo (Barrister At Law) to his office desk in Sanya Street, Lagos and is now returning to Ireland by a circular route.

Mr Woodogo had offered MrMcDonagh a lucrative business deal but had not processed it fast enough and MrMcDonagh is a native of Carndonagh Co.Donegal an area not known for the placid and patience nature of it's inhabitants.

As I hinted at before we in the PSNI VNB Unit have been monitoring Mr McDonagh's activities for some time and we consider him a dangerous and very volatile individual who in the last 3 years has been responsible for inflicting several gential related injuries in sub saharan Africa which included the hanging a doctor by his foreskin from the branches of a sacred tree in Aruja.

We believe that the boxed $5.5 million may be the money MrMcDonagh recovered from the Mr Woodogo's scheme.Our colleagues in the Anti Terrorist Squad believe this money may be related to one of the Irish terrorist groups. Mr McDonagh is the quartermaster of the Royal Republican Sinn Fein Orange Perceptory Liberation Army splinter group unoffically known as the "The Culshie Army". This group was responsible for the great black pudding heist in August 2001 where the entire black pudding output of County Londonderry (some 1.75 million black puddings) where stolen and sold on the black pudding black market.

Consequently we would like you to forward us any correspondence that Mr McDonagh or any of his colleagues send you and urge you to never ever agree to meet McMcDonagh particularly if he invites you to a meeting in the Harbour Bar Portrush the scene of many of his most henious crimes!

Yours Faithfully
Inspector N.O'Toogerty
Commander VNB Squad
Police Service of Northern Ireland

I followed this up with the following email from my own account

You have my box?
What are you doing with my fecking box?
I don't like people fiddling with my box!
I get very cross when people fiddle with my box!
Give me my box NOW or suffer the consequences you scum sucking f*cker

I await developements

Oh and if anyone wants to join in .... his email address is

PS the VNB Squad = "Very Naughty Boy Squad" just in case you were wondering

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