Sunday 6 February 2011

LS11 My take from a far

I had been following with interest the info streams coming from LS11 and reading the followup blog posts from attendees and there was a resonance that this was the Lotusphere where the focus changed perceptibly from  announcements of wondrous new products (or improvements to old products) to something else. I wasn't there and it is a bit difficult for me to work out what the "something else" is. It seems perhaps that it might be a move away from pushing a particular software package centred solution where we compromise or work around a function because it is too difficult to implement or is just not possible. So what are we moving towards? Again distance and the lack of clarity in a message being retold by Twitter and blog posts makes me wonder but I do have the feeling that I was being lead to the idea that everything is possible but we need not to be bound by a "yellow" , "blue" or "black" ideology but one that embraces the delivery of function regardless of platform to this new "social" landscape that business is evolving into.

Hmmmmmmmm ... there is one part of me that rises up, reaches for my Yellow Soap Box and gets all William Wallace ... except for the woad ... I have been a Notes/Domino geek for a long time so perhaps that is only natural. However coming from an environment where we already use a plethora of platforms and software and my job has evolved not as a talented soloist in the orchestral of IT but as a conductor getting all the disparate sections to play together I sort of see where that is coming from.

Perhaps and I could be wrong we are being asked by IBM , paraphrasing My Big Fat Greek Wedding. "Don't let our past dictate who we are, but let our past dictate who we become" .....

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