Saturday 22 March 2008

The Great Illinois Corn Flake - Resolution

Gentle reader, I wanted to ease you into your Easter Saturday gently without fuss or kerfuffle. However news of great import has just broken. The Great Illinois Corn Flake has been sold!

Yes the cornflake which was withdrawn, added again and withdrawn from auction site eBay over disagreement over "no food" policy has been sold for the princely sum of $1,350 to the owner of TriviaMania.Com.

I am so relieved the issue of the food-iness of cornflakes was causing me sleepless nights and the McDonagh bedsheets were fair tangled by my tossing and turning (oh do stop giggling Nathan!)

I have great hopes for the auction of my Wheetabix with the lotus "waffle-men" apparently embossed on it.

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