Sunday 2 March 2008

An Exasperated call for enthusiasm!

I have just been blatantly flaming an anonymous poster down on this thread and whilst I apologize for some of the language used I WILL NOT apologize for the sentiments expressed.

I am well and truly exasperated! Yes I am a supporter for the whole Domino/Notes
ethos and yes sometimes especially when I come across a new start who says "At my last company it was a lot better because we used.....etc" and I do have to get a bit "Domivangelical" at times and yes the user, given time, comes around to the idea that they can actually do the same things just as easily if not better than whatever product he or she is keen on. After 15 years of this sort of reaction you get kinda used to it.

~sigh~ however the responses in the thread below really got me really annoyed. The poster claims to have been a Notes Dev since 1990 and yet cannot find it in themselves to be even the incyweenciest bit enthused by the fact that Mary Beth and the 100's of others in IBM who listened to our feedback and used it (with bucket loads of hard work and enthusiasm) to bring us the leap forward that is Domino/Notes V8.

Yes there will be issues, show me a product of this scale that does not and we the user community will be there feeding it all back to that same IBM ear that has listened during development and which will, I am sure, continue to listen and use what we tell them ... I think this a good ... no not good ... bloody brilliant thing . We are collborating and isnt that what it is all about? This is something I think we should celebrate and get excited about. I know I am and it is *^&*ing hard to get me excited these days!

I know this was one anonymous voice, whining on the edge of my radar, one I probably should have ignored. The rest of you out there in Dominoland seem to be as up for V8 as I am ... But this whiny annoying voice claims to come from inside our community and that has just made me MAD!


PS I did consider deleting both the comments left and my responses to them and consigning them to the Troll drawer. But I had a word with Yancy and Nathan (thanks to the bleedyellow ST server) and I have decided to let them stay up.

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