Wednesday 26 March 2008

Volker vs Nathan - The Google Grudge Match

Thanks to Paul Mooney's post here (so it is all his fault)

I really really really couldn't resist it so having pondered about it for all of 5 seconds ... I did a GoogleFight over the two protagonists currently squaring up in the Blogsphere..

I know .. I know.. it doesn't really help one way or t'other and is all fairly meaningless.



martin.humpolec said...

Do you really think that it means something? No sure about those numbers if I get this result -

Steve McDonagh said...

LOL no I am sure it means nothing..
the figures from what I can see are if not totally fictitious are worked out by an program that I can't figure out.. But if you want a weird one try this ...

For some reason I get nearly 1 million! Not that I am boasting of course I am a naturally lovable and incredibly popular geek ;-)


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