Saturday 22 March 2008

Being able to see your own arse - a boon for society

Continuing the slightly "out of kilterness" of today. A link to this appeared in my in-box from a friend in Sweden. Now this is indeed a boon to society, particularly the ladies who when faced with the problem of finding out for themselves if their arses look big in what ever garment they are trying on and will usually attempt the black belt graded Tai-Chi "clematatis- winds-itself-around-the-donkey's-buttocks" manoeuver to find out if said posterior is indeed made to look larger.

This device should be a boon to any person that has ever been faced with the question... "well dear does my bottom look big in this?" whilst on (or after) a shopping trip.

In next door Finland a nameless phone giant is looking at the delay mirror with a view to installing it in their new range. This observer believes that "the take me from behind" phone
would be an instant best seller if only for the name.

The Noble Prize for instilling benefit in martial relationships is winging its way to Sweden as we speak.

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