Wednesday 12 March 2008

Sametime Question If anyone knows the definitive answer

If anyone out there knows the definitive answer to this I would be very grateful if they could leave me the answer.

In Sametime V7.5 is the Voice and Video a Peer-to-Peer connection or is traffic routed thru the ST server like the Text is or does the ST server act as some form of proxy? I have tried to find a definitive answer to this but there seem to be several and now I am just confused.

Thanks in advance


Carl Tyler said...

It depends :-)

Sametime Connect Client voice and video is p2p if the two PCs can connect directly. If they cannot connect directly then they attempt to go through the Sametime Server (ST Reflector) ie as a proxy.

Sametime Meetings (conferences) are different, they are not p2p and all audio/video traffic goes through the server the meeting was scheduled on. said...


That is exactly what I thought happened based on the network traffic i was seeing, but I couldn't put my hand on my heart when asked by one of the network managers if this was indeed the case.


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