Wednesday 12 March 2008

The West Wing Goes Irish

As a side bar to the ILUG Guide to Irish Idiom series, I would like to introduce you to Podge and Rodge, RTE 2's finest celebrity interviewers. (RTE = the irish national TV broadcaster).

In this clip they interview Richard Schiff, he of West Wing fame. For our those of a sensitive disposition a warning, it is probably best if you do not watch this, as this particular program has no issues with ...errr... profane language.

There are no subtitles so feel free to ask for translations..... Steve


Terri said...

Thank you! I've never seen Podge & Rodge, now I'm hooked. Dec just pulled out 2 DVDs he's got, so I'm going to watch more. said...

There are loads of snippets on Youtube as well. These lads are a bit of an institution. I like to think of them as my role models ;-)

A word of warning they are not known for their social skills when it comes to local celebs. They are more inclined to behave when its a tourist.

Might I also suggest you tune in to the radio's toll trolls. They might be a little hard to understand they are are from darkest dublin...
Check out

and not forgetting "little becky"
and yes these are real irish prank calls by an 8 year old


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