Tuesday 4 March 2008

Jake Howlett's Frameworks Poll and other questions

Something close to my heart came up as browsed the PL feed at coffee time today.
Jake Howlett has asked a very pertinent question in a poll .
What framework should codestore downloads use?
This is something that has troubled me for some time now. I have divided views on which one is best because some are better at one thing than others - by better in this case I generally mean easier for me and/or gives a better result for the user experience.

I encourage all your developers to nip over and take the poll on the link above.
I for one will be watching with interest.

It also leads me on to thinking how this will dovetail into the the whole "interface matters" ethos espoused by the like of Chris Blatnik we can now do all sort of whizzbang web UI's some of which are difficult to replicate in the Domino client. Do we as developers push the lovely and usable web things we can now do, or do we concentrate on the Dom Client making it as lovely and usable as we can? Do we have to sacrifice look an feel for function (or vice a versa)? In which do we lead our project planners and managers? Widgetry and Composites have further complicated matters in that we could potentially have widgets that will greatly supplement our Dom Client UI's ... oh it is going to be an exciting few years! :-)

I don't have answers for these questions but I would be interested to hear where the Domino community believes the thrust of new development will take us in the next few years, web facing, client facing or a mixture of the two.


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