Monday 17 March 2008

Web of Deceptions has started!!

The serially authored story of .. well we don't really know yet has started.. you can pick up the
RSS feed so that you can read each installment hot of the presses here . Various luminaries of the Domino world (and me) will be contributing. So come along and have a read see what sort of creative genii we are or not as the case may be... feel free to comment on any of the participating blogs :)

The participating authors are the minute are (in no particular order):-
Ben Langhinrichs
Julian Robichaux
Tom "Duffbert" Duff
Rob McDonagh
John Vaughan
Francie Whitlock
Gabriella Davis
"Wild Bill" Buchan
Steve McDonagh
Andre Guirard
Jess Stratton
Libby Ingrassia


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