Wednesday 19 March 2008

Web of Deception update

Part 2 of "Web of Deception" was published today and it is shaping up at the moment to be somewhere between Dean Koontz and Stephen King. There is an undercurrent of menace wrapped in a peaceful blanket of rural American idyll. having said that there is a sexually frustrated cat being passed to Captn' Bob by the bold Julian. The reading public is holding their breath.....
On a related topic... the back-channels of this endeavour are red hot... I have 92 story related emails in my folder and let me say they are all about thematic nuances, use of metaphor and the legitimate use of slightly runny brie.


Update *** in the time it took me to update this another 6 emails have come in !
Web of Deception .. the story so far
Chapter 1 here
Chapter 2 here
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Nate said...

HEY! My uses of slimy French cheese were to be kept private! :-P

Steve McDonagh said...

That was silly i didn't mention your name nor anything to do with the nuns, the goat and the small aardvark with the long tongue.

Now the world knows.

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