Monday 24 March 2008

Just Released - the rush for Rob Novak's Free Beer and Code Session @ ILUG 07

Just released.. the rush for good seats at ILUG07's last session Rob Novak's "Free Code and Beer". You can clearly see Paul Mooney and Bill Buchan in poll position (bill is on the right) You can actually hear a cry of "gerrrrroutothewayfirmcummingthru"! The chap who takes the lead is an unknown Lotusscript developer from Northern Irish Rider keen to get the free booze.

Actually this the wonder that is the NW200 road race for motorcycles that happens in Ireland in May every year, 150-200K biker type people from all over the world invade my home town and watch folk like this go very very very fast (200+ mph) on ordinary roads (they are closed to traffic) ... It is fantastic! Drop me a line if you ever want to come and watch :)



Thomas "Duffbert" Duff said...

crazy b@st@ards... :)

wild bill said...

Och, if only i had the balls to ride like that.. Amazing riding. The guy with the camera must have an autoshifter - I didnt hear him fluff a single gearchange. And his bike - although it had the fastest top speed, just didnt have the acceleration to keep up with the pack..

Lovely to watch..

--* Bill

Steve McDonagh said...

Aye they are that.. Giacomo Agostini came to the NW200 back in the late 60's when he was battling the equally great Mike Hailwood. He took one look at the practices and said "No!" in a loud Italian accent :)

That was, I think the NW200 superbike race from 2004 and the camera was on-board with Adrian Archibald on a TAZ Suzuki .. he other 4 main riders were on factory team Duc's and Honda's. TAZ got their act together the next year and re-geared the Suzi for the course and there isnt quite the same disparity any more.

If fancy coming over to NI on the pretext of selling me stuff I would do it on Friday the 16th May. If you were to, due to very heavy traffic on the A26,(I have chum in the AA that can back this up) miss the ferry back to Scotland and had to stay over till Saturday well I am sure I could find you a bed and a good view of the action until the traffic dies down after the racing.


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