Thursday 27 March 2008

Particls just gave me the shock of the week - Sharepoint has become the new Lotus Notes

When particils popped up this SharePoint Has Become the New Lotus Notes According to New CMS Watch Research it did come as a bit of a surprise

I am not sure i agree totally with the article esp when it says

...Like Notes in a previous decade, IT often embraces SharePoint as a simple answer to myriad business information problems. But the platform can easily morph into a technical and operational morass, as repositories proliferate, and IT comes to recognize that various custom applications require highly specialized expertise to keep running properly...

But I am probably reacting the to the "morass" by thinking I do not work in a "morass" how dare they! and when followed up by...

The SharePoint Report 2008 concludes by advising customers to establish clear boundaries on SharePoint services, to keep it from becoming their new Notes ' the platform that everyone loved, but then loved to avoid.

Made me think £^%"ing *&"£ of a $&*^"£'s &*^*&ers! and go into full blooded notes beserker mode. However given the heat of similar topics of the past few days I think I will just take the article under advisement and say that Yes that is indeed true for Notes Environments as well. We do have to define boundaries the reason things get out of hand is generally poor or inadequate planning at the start of a project. Given that reason I suppose that it is neither SP or Notes's fault, the software does what it says on the tin, to paraphrase Philip Larkin.
"They can F**K you up , your user community"

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