Monday 24 March 2008

Converting Web Posted Data into a Notes List collection in an agent

When you use a POST (or for that matter GET) transaction directly to an agent from an AJAX connection call you generally have to do something with the data. I find that converting the arguement name value pairs into a Notes List makes life so much easier. This is how I do it,

' *****************************************
Dim ThisSession as new NotesSession
Dim ThisDoc as NotesDocument
Dim TheParms List as String
' *****************************************
Set ThisDoc = ThisSession.DocumentContext
EvalString = |@URLDecode("Domino";"|+ThisDoc.Request_Content(0)+|")|
RawParms = Evaluate(EvalString)
AmpArray = Split(RawParms(0),"&")
Forall pairs In AmpArray
EquArray = Split(pairs,"=")
TheParms(EquArray(0)) = EquArray(1)
End Forall
' *****************************************

When this code is run you have a Notes List that comprises of all the argument pairs Posted
to to the agent.

Say for example the posted data was :


the resultant list would be :

TheParms("type") contains GD
TheParms("vn") contains wibble
TheParms("qi") contains wobble
TheParms("dt") contains 01010111

You can then access any of the arguments passed by name.

If you want to use this with a get you can get rid of the lines

EvalString = |@URLDecode("Domino";"|+ThisDoc.Request_Content(0)+|")|
RawParms = Evaluate(EvalString)
AmpArray = Split(RawParms(0),"&")

and use the Query_String_Decoded cgi variable

AmpArray = Split(ThisDoc.Query_String_Decoded(0),"&")

However remember that unlike the POST the GET string will start with a "&" so your ForAll
will need to test for AmpArray being equal to "" to avoid the first element of the AmpArray.



Jeff Byrd said...

We are doing the same thing, but passing the JSON string to a web service. The web service processes the data, plus adds the form information and any user access fields required.

Steve McDonagh said...


Thanks! Good Tip :) I have dabbled my toes in the Web Service pond, but I am not quite up to speed on it yet.. Are you using a notes LS agent or a Java serverlet/agent?


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