Thursday 6 March 2008

Log In into Domino using AJAX sample code available

With reference to the post two down from this i have placed a small sample NSF in the "code bin" of OPENNTF.... here

If you are interested in how I got a log in screen like the screen shot above, then this download will show you how.

Down load the file
Sign it with an ID for your organisation
Change the ACL so you have authoritty to it
Change the DEFAULT access to be NO ACCESS but leave the READ PUBLIC DOCS ticked
Place it on your server
Goto http://[yourserver]/[your path]/wteam.nsf/wteam.html
Try to sign in
If successful you should see some information from the PAB appear in a panel under the logon

All my code is in wteam.js, wteam.css and agents wt_logonok and wt_getuser.
It is all fairly self explanatory if not ping me with the details.


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