Sunday 30 March 2008

The polictially correct liturgical rite for Twitnotes Installation

Gentle reader, in this modern world permissive world of "Open Software" and "Free Programs"
there may be those of you who feel that they need to have a more blessed relationship
with your software. You may feel that the introduction of the disgustingly "Quick" Widget is the final straw! Well help is at hand :-) what follows is the correct liturgy for the installation of Twitnotes so those of you that have held back for fear of tainting your registry or command library with sanctified software....

Dearly Beloved,
we are gathered together here in the sight of the creator Mikkel Heisterberg
– and in the
face of this RSS feed – to join together this user interface and this widget in symbiotic
union, which is commended to be installable on all operating systems and therefore – is not
by any user – to be installed lightly – but solemnly and after any necessary backups. Into this application catalogue these two programs present now come to be composited one into the other. If any person here present can show just cause why they may not be installed in the same logical partition – let them set a breakpoint now or forever step over this instruction.

Installation is the union of widget and interface by bytecode, dll and XML. It is intended for their mutual benefit – and for the provision of Tweetability to all that look upon them. But more importantly – it is a means through which a stable and crash-free environment for tweeting may be attained.

Through installation, TwitNotes and Lotus Notes shall forever make a pact together to face their undocumented features – embrace their network latency – realize their initial specification – and accept each other’s fatal exceptions. TwitNotes and Lotus Notes will promise one another to aspire to these ideals for as long as their present versions shalt endure – through mutual XML – openness – and by listening to each of their program stacks and to all the suggestions on Ideajam.

We are here today – before
Mikkel Heisterberg – because clean installation is one of his most fervent wishes – to witness the joining in composited-oneness of TwitNotes and Lotus. This occasion marks the celebration of compatibility and optimization of code with which this widget and this UI begin their life together

Please access the Widget Catalogue in a the approved fashion.

This is a beginning and a continuation of their development path. With proper installation comes the affirmation of each one’s own compatibility and plans for further development, With respect for individual memory stacks comes the freedom to execute unconditionally. Within the sanctified cache of a RAM relationship – the bytes stream between one to one another becomes the fertile soil for user satisfaction. With care and adherence to the acceptable usage policy comes the potential for full and happy ROI.

Do you Lotus Notes take TwitNotes to be your Tweet Interface – to run together after Mikkel's project specification – in the geeky state of installation?
Will you allow her sufficient memory, processor cycles and priority in debug dump and in normal operation so she has a safe environment to execute according to her designer's specification
until OS failure do you part?

Do you TwitNotes take Lotus Notes to be your UI – to run together after Mikkel's project specification – in the geeky estate of installation? Will you run, honor the memory pool, in debug dump and in normal operation to provide timely updates to the Tweet Stream until OS failure do you part?

Exchange of XML

I now pronouce you Widget and Interface.

What – therefore – Mikkel has joined together – let no incompatibility pull asunder.

And so, by the power vested in me by the web site of Vowe, I now pronounce you UI and Widget – and may your days be good and long on this OS.

You may now tweet at will.


Lars Olufsen said...

That's a classic, Steve. Excellent! :-)

Steve McDonagh said...

Thank you! :)
I was in an ...err... ecclesiastical mood today. It is a small part of my plan for world domination.For it to suceed I need to be Pope by 2010.


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