Friday 7 March 2008

A marvellous idea!

Here is a marvelous idea from fellow Domivangelical blogger Cristian in Italy.
I don't know if it is workable but we are a smart if opinionated lot (in the nicest possible way) and we should be able to peer review the contents and make one hell of a resource.. and why stop at dev help.. why not admin help too?


Anonymous said...

Ask and ye shall receive. Here is the Notes and domino Wiki.
Have at it! :)

brought to you by: Amy Smith of the IBM Lotus Informatoin development team
(post by Mary Beth)

Steve McDonagh said...

Thanks Mary-Beth!
Hmmmmmm.. But... will be be standing on anyones toes internally to IBM if we "have at it" with vim and vigour as only the Domivangelista's can?

We (well I) don't want to cause ruckions :) so if we were to set up a fairly loose peer-review type group to discuss and approve the entries made as being "fit for purpose" this would be do-able and acceptable?


Amy Smith said...

By all means, please, "have at it"! Currently, we have a model whereby content submitted by IBMers can't be edited. That may change - not sure yet. In the meantime, you can comment on IBM-submited content. And, in true Wiki fashion, you can write your own articles, and add to or revise other non-IBM sumbitted articles.

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