Wednesday 5 March 2008

ILUG 08 request ... Paul Mooney are you there?

Aroigh Paulo yaboyya! haya gor Dustin da Turrkee doing da singin at da startin sesshun? cos that wud be quaere an deadly so it wood .. wa him bein up fur the euroveesion andat! He's a howl so he is an usens wanna himpres da toorists wa oor kulture andat. LotusSphere had yon fiddler ina posh frock so usens need somat like dat, nowarrameen?


PS you would never guess I used work in "Balleeferma", would you?

PPS Well done to all the ILUG team, a great running order and i am looking forward to it!


Thomas "Duffbert" Duff said...

I don't know if I'm pleased or scared that I pretty much followed what you said there... :)

Steve McDonagh said...


Be scared be very very very scared for you are turning into a Dub! Have you had any sudden cravings to keep a horse in your living room or wear burberry baseball caps???

Hmmmm i suppose for those of you that cant speak Dub fluently yet.. here is a translation....

"Felicitations to the gentleman that is Paul Mooney, I was wondering if you had that wonderful children's entertainer Dustin the Turkey lined up to do the singing at the opening session. He is actually rather good and would be an excellent addition to your running order, particularly as he might be representing Ireland in the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest and you do want to impress your many visiting guests with the depth and breadth of Irish Culture. Lotusphere had that rather attractive lady violinist with the nice dress so perhaps we need something similar, know what I mean?


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