Saturday 15 March 2008

Web of Deception - Collaborative writing by Collaborative Professionals

I have just put my name down for Ben Langhinrich's idea Gather your wits, sharpen your pens: "Web of Deception" starts Monday. This idea which grew, according to Ben, out of a post by Rob McDonagh (no relative) here .

As a relative new comer to the Blogging arena, I don't know whether I will be selected for a chapter but I hope I am :)

There is a distinct echo in this plan to the Irish love of tales and stories. The storytellers of old (Seanachai) each had a repertoire of stories The Tain, The Children of Lír etc. These were stories that everyone knew but each storyteller brought something new to the story and in that way the story "lived" and was new at each telling. Although not really the same, each writer of a chapter in this endeavor will bring the stories that they see dancing behind the flames of an open fire and let them live in their words. For me this is a fine and noble thing both to do and be involved with, regardless of how "good" it is at the end.

I urge you to have a read at each chapter as it is published as only through being listened to (or read) can a story fulfill it's destiny! If you want to have a go add your name to the list at Ben's site at the link above. Even if you are bloggilly-challenged I will be happy and honored to publish your words here on your behalf.


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