Thursday 6 March 2008

Book review - What is your Dangerous Idea?

Just finished what my better half calls a "Loo Book" in that it is mainly left read and left in the toilet. Having read and enjoyed "What we believe but cannot prove", the first book in the series when I saw "What is your dangerous idea" in an airport bookstore I grabbed it without a second thought.

It is to quote the jacket "Todays Leading Thinkers on the Un-Thinkable" and to say the least the contents, complied by John Brockman, are both dangerous and provocative Each section is no more than a few pages long and feature contributions by Jared Diamond Sir Martin Rees, Brian Green,Matt Ridley and many more. Topics touch on the afterlife, the future of democracy and the nature of reality.

The ideas are ones that WILL provoke a reaction, they challenged my assumptions and in many cases worried me quite a lot!

I give it 9/10

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PS Nathan .. if you read this you would LOVE this book.. both annoying and satisfying in equal measure

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