Monday 28 April 2008

Google Trends - Lotus Domno v Microsoft Exchange some thoughts

In case any of you have yet to discover "Google Trends" here is a little taster.
The red line is for "microsoft exchange" the blue line for "lotus domino"
You can go here for a closer look

The top graph shows "Search volume" the lower "News Reference Volume"

This site looks to be a wee bit more scientific than Google Fights which at best was a bit of laugh. Google say on their About Trends they say

Google Trends analyzes a portion of Google web searches to compute how many searches have been done for the terms you enter, relative to the total number of searches done on Google over time. We then show you a graph with the results -- our search-volume graph -- plotted on a linear scale.

Located just beneath our search-volume graph is our news-reference-volume graph. This graph shows you the number of times your topic appeared in Google News stories. When Google Trends detects a spike in the volume of news stories for a particular term, it labels the graph and displays the headline of an automatically selected Google News story written near the time of that spike. Currently, only English-language headlines are displayed, but we hope to support non-English headlines in the future.

Below the search and news volume graphs, Google Trends displays the top cities, regions, and languages in which people searched for the first term you entered.
Looking at the data, which may be skewed by the terms I used, there is twice the amount of search volume for MS exchange which would jell with my perception of the public brand conciousness of the MS product. But there is also over the last 4 years a decrease in activity for both MS and Lotus products, I wonder why. Perhaps are we becoming less interested in looking collaboration products up on the net.

It is also obvious that we don't look either up at Xmas time..obviously neither MS not Lotus is not a good Xmas pressie ;-)

Thats all very interesting but the bottom graph makes me stop and stare.. WTF? why has MS news items shot up in 2008 and Lotus is plodding along pretty much as before.. IBM MARKETING GET YOUR ARSE IN GEAR! I have tried to ignore the comments about the "IBM Stealth Marketing Department" but it does seem there is some truth in the description. The arrival of V8 was it seems preaching to the choir.

There are times I do sit and wonder with perhaps a hint of despair :(


Ian White said...

I have been banging on about this for years and years

What you can only just see a hint off are the almost zero news stories in 2004, it is a shame that we cant go further back than that with the analysis

www said...


It might be worth it going to Google Trends and search for Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange. This will give you a much better picture.

Steve McDonagh said...

@Ian Indeed you have :-) and alas it seems that your words are falling on if not deaf, unreceptive ears.

@www True .. I added both Lotus Notes and in the interests of fairness Microsoft Outlook so both clients and servers were represented.And there is a nice big spike early in 2008.. which drops off in less than 6 weeks back to background noise. So not quite as bad as i thought.. but not sometime to write home about. I would love to see that spike up and maintaining a bit of height for longer than a few weeks. particularly since there is announcement after announcement comming from IBM central on all of the lotus product range.

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