Friday 4 April 2008

Just published on OpneNtf V1.2.5 of My web Name Picker facility

I have just published V1.2.5 of my Ajax powered Name Picker on OpenNtf

The suggestions for changes came from Carl Tyler .. many thanks Carl, it is always good to get feedback :-)

The changes are: -
  1. You can now elect to allow users to enter Internet addresses that can NOT be found in the PAB
    however they have to be properly formed internet addresses.

  2. You can now programatically choose whether the selected Common Name, Internet Address
    or Abbreviated Name is used to update the target field.

  3. You can programatically control the max number of records returned by any find operation.
    this was introduced to reduce the traffic between server and JS. Which esp in IE was causing
    the browser to shout WTF? every now and then. The default is set to 25

  4. You can programmtically control the number of characters that trigger a search. By default
    every character typed between the 3rd and 6th characters trigger a search. If it hasn't found
    a match by the 7th character it won't ever so why bother the server?

I have tested this on IE and FF and OPERA and it seems fine. I cant get Safari to install properly on
my winders xp system so it is an unknown quantity.

Also there is an outstanding issue with the iFrame event model which can cause a problem or two
I am working on this at the minute and will pop up a V1.2.5a when I have it fixed. In the mean time
if you want to use this and just have to use an iFrame drop me a line and I will let you know what
to do.

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