Friday 4 April 2008

Lunchtime induced Nostalgia

T'was at lunch today, myself and the tech-support chappies were comparing silly ring tones on our phones. There were several "Knights that say NI!" at least one "He cant come out.He's been a naughty boy" and other Pythonesque novelities. The one that made us all smile was The Banana Splits Tra-La-La theme song.

Now it has to be said that myself and the techies are "of a certain age" that is able to remember the Banana splits when they appeared first in the early 70's in Ireland. I remember them because they were one of the first shows I saw when we got our first colour TV in 1972. We all could remember the lyrics to the theme song and the fact that the main protagonists were Fleegle,Bingo Drooper and Snorky although there was some disagreement as to whether Snorky was an elephant or a mammoth. Then blows were very nearly exchanged over the actual words to the Ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ay song that the Mexican ladies sang at the door every week. Currently the Repeated-7-times-n-the-chorus-Phalange are considering a formal Jihad against the Repeated-8-Times-no-less-no-more-army. A UN peacekeeping force lead by Top Cat, Yogi Bear and Dangermouse are preparing to act as intermediaries.

The conversation then wandered to the relative merits of The Arabian Knights, The Three Musketeers and Secret Squirrel. It was agreed that being able to shout "Arse of a Hippo", clapping your hands and being transformed into what ever it was you said was and remains pretty cool. Although changing into Jamie-Lee-Curtis was dismissed as a fun thing to do but not a lot of use when faced with a ferocious Djinn. It was agreed the best of the lot had to be HySpy from "secret squirrel". HySpy was the master of scientific criminology who invented a computer operating system called Glass Filled Apatures v1.1 and instead of a mouse you had to stroke a cat and say "no i expect you to die mr bond" to move the cursor (our memory might be a bit faulty there).

Of such things are Friday lunch times made :)

** 3pm GMT (Guinness Mean Time) Update **
The Repeated-8-Times-no-less-no-more-army has officially disbanded and now wishes to be known as the Socttish-Rockers-Love-Nazareth-Army and are currently repelling an assault from The Alex Harvey Militia. They are marching to battle as I write this accompanied by the haunting strains of "My White Bicycle".. it fair brings a tear to this writers eye.

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tooooooooo funny...

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