Wednesday 30 April 2008

GFA IV Stabbing not a GFA IV Stabbing

It now transpires that the stabbing in the queue waiting for Grand Theft Auto was in fact not related at all to the controversial game and happened 1/4 mile up the road.

But as the stabee lies in hospital he can be reassured that

The victim had categorically not pre-ordered the game – and GameStation is
confident that he was not a GameStation customer; neither was he a part of the
queue outside the Croydon store,” a source told the Games Radar blog.

The source also said that "...the stabbing did not occur outside the store, but a
quarter of a mile away outside East Croydon station"

which I am sure makes him very happy as he lies there all stitched up, he can also pride himself that "his" stabbing got the stabber 160 points rather than the normal 80 because it caused a media headline storm of "Internet BAAAAD" "Computer games very BAAAAAD" "The young should go to church more!" "Bring back conscription"

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