Wednesday 30 April 2008

ILUG Countdown - The 5 Weeks to go checklist

Gentle Reader,
Tis now 5 weeks to the day until the great and the geeky will have upped sticks and will have installed themselves in dublin's fair city for the Dominofest that is ILUG 08.

Here is a convenient check packing list for you

Tynedol - 48 Pack extra extra strong
AlkaSeltzer - Anti-Irish Fry Up catering pack
Kilt (Gay Gordon Tartan) for Wild Bill's Sessions and being sexy in the evening
24 Bottles of Koppraberg Cider (Sean B. only)
Clean underwear .o0(just in case you meet the Lady President or Queen)
All your Session Materials even if you are not a presenter - Just in case you have to fill in
Collection of ultra-geeky or just plain amusing teeshirts
The "UberGeek Hecklers Handbook" for either of the Rob's sessions - prizes for best dopey question
An inflatable sheep
** Updated** at least one of the following Bodhran, Guitar, Grande Piano,Fiddle,Whistle for wee sing-songs
A Basketball for those boring gaps between sessions and NO-ONE remembers the ball!
Cancel RSS feed to BEFORE you present your session on widgets
Cultivate an accent that is not your own. It will confuse the organizing team.
If you are not a Guinness drinker say "it's OK for my poo to go black" 10 times every day
If presenting, invent at least one bit of jargon. Slip it into to your session and see if anyone nods in agreement when you mention it
If attending - practice rustling (no that is NOT what the sheep is for) paper is good, crisp bags or humbug wrappers are recommended (Psssssst- remember Ben Poole's session is the target RustleFest this year!)
Start considering at least one weird thing a day Irish pubs require you to be fully conversant in weird-
here's one for starters "Why do they put Braille dots on the keypad of the drive-up ATMs?"
here's another "What happens to a slinky on an escalator?"


Bruce said...

What - no hand drums?

Steve McDonagh said...


Oops missed that one.. Have updated the post accordingly


Bruce said...

good man Steve.

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