Friday 11 April 2008

Plea to the Yellow Community - Suggestions for Project Control Application

I have been asked by a chum of mine for any recommendations for Domino based project control apps. She works for a charity in Scotland so £'s are very tight. Is there anything out there in Domino land that will allow so level of project management outa the box at minimal cost or open source that you can suggest/recommend?

It's not programming project control, this is the sort of logistical side of things, who does what,when and with whom. You know the MS-project "i'm project managing my house build"sort of thing. There is a need for collaborative working from the head office to the project teams on the ground, hence her thought that their existing Domino server would do the trick.

Any suggestions will be gratefully received.



Chris Toohey said...

Hey Steve,

Shoot me an IM if you can with the requirements - I'm currently working on something in the PM/Task Scripting arena and could always use some pilot users.



Wayne said...

This isn't Domino based, but it might still work anyway: ""

Steve McDonagh said...

Thanks! Will do.

Thanks as well. I think they looked a that but the collaborative side let it down. But i'm not sure they did.. so I will check and get back to you.

Rob Novak said...

Don't know if they're open to Quickr but we have put out QProject free, and you can combine it with other collab templates or use QSite and enable what you want.

Steve McDonagh said...

I have heard rumours of Quickr-free (or lite?) which I think is about the limit of what they can afford. Budgets are WELL tight. I freely admit to knowing zilch about Quickr's licensing. Any light you can shed would be welcomed, that and I might get ILUG to buy you a pint. Think of it.. 400+ pints ... ahhh bliss :)

Ingo Erdmann said...

I work for an ISV of Domino based project management solutions. Our Activity Management might be right for your request. You can contact me via BleedYellow Sametime.

Steve McDonagh said...


I have had to go on a Business trip and I have't managed to contact my chum with your suggestions. I will do so when I get back on Friday.. Thanks all for your suggestions!


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