Tuesday 8 April 2008

According to InMage "Share Point has overtaken Lotus notes"

Has it really? My goodness!
Particls popped this up at me today before I have even had my first coffee.

"Microsoft's SharePoint has over-taken Domino/Notes to become the leading
collaboration application for Windows environments."

There are some days FUD and Marketing just meld together into a big shitty bubble.


Florian Vogler said...

A miss is as good as a mile - it says TO become, NOT HAS become ;-)

Brings up the picture of being overtaken by a car that hits the wall right afterwards because it's so fast ^^

Where's SharePoint heading? It might not know which is why its driving so bloody fast ... to at least get somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Their 'annuncement' was probably vetted by the spell checker in Word 2007. We all make typos but it's extremely embarrassing to have one in the first paragraph of your news release.

Steve McDonagh said...

Florian ... Thanks for cheering me up. I got that first thing, before the espresso hit in :) It just seems on occasions that we in the notes world are surrounded by whingers,nay-sayers and doom merchants ... My normal good humour has returned afresh.


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