Friday 25 April 2008

Some of My Talented Family

Gentle reader!

A post of family promotion from me. A tab on the late side, but i didn't realize he had these on his web site. My cousin Andy, from Belfast, is at the talented end of the family gene pool with talents for storytelling in song and prose which far exceed mine. Anyway if you fancy some music that is a little bit different well what not try one or both of these links..

The Fortune Teller was Right
Tell Me Why

or visit his web site and have a rummage around.

The other family member can be found hanging from the Canadian branches of the family tree. Another cousin Paul is a wiz with a camera and takes some VERY challenging photos and video's. You can check him out here He is a keen boxer as well as a geek (who likes Macs but I don't hold that against him) and as a project he connected his boxing gloves up to some wireless playstation controllers and let the boxing control the videos and sound that played behind them as they fought. You can see this happen here he also is deeply involved in "gravity research" (his phrase) in that he regularly BASE jumps, and that is just plain worrying!

His most recent project called "family workstations" has him travelling the world wide family tree taking photos of our workstations. Mine was that shocking it hasn't made the final cut ;)

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