Thursday 3 April 2008

Burning question - is being follical challenged on the pate and gifted on the chin part of the requirement to be considered a "guru" ?

BleedYellow's Sametime server is a wonderful thing especially since you can have a peek and what all the movers and shakers have decorated their faces with. (Ladies are of course are exempt this observation). I am having a gander at the fizzogs on there right now and there appears to be a rising number of those being in possession of a "roof from the which the snow will slide easily" (so to speak) and some form of hirsute facial fancy whether it be a beard, tache, goatee or just long nose hair.

I don't think there is an ipso facto rule here, just a growing preponderance towards facial adornment in the upper echelons of the black belted dominoista's,. A notable exception would be Chris Blatnik. Well the chap that extols us to design clean UI's would probably not want to have a cluttered face so he can be excused on the grounds of the doctrine of signatures (that and his has note from his boss).

Likewise Mr Brill, given his recent comments on a recent post, where it all got a bit ... well ... hot and heavy ... is probably better off because it looks unbecoming for the arch prelate of all things Lotusy to have spittle caught on his beard. Not that I am suggesting in any way Mr Brill got excited during the exchanges, indeed he was a paragon of restraint! However other combatant's fingers were waggled in his direction with some force and it would seem that words were sprayed rather than said.... but I digress

The likes of Mr Duffbert , Mr Davis , Mr Grasso , Mr Banderhoff, both Mr McDonaghs, the tartan clad Mr Buchan and many many others all have wonderfully coiffured facial hair.

We are the members of the previously ultra secret FHLGO (Facially Hirsute Lotus Guru Organization) and unlike Workplace we aren't going away! So you men who prefer to purvey your geekiness in a hairless and baby-bum-esque way. Prepare for Lotus Guru 2.1! Lock up your wives and daughters, set phasers to "shave", the Beards and mustaches are coming and WE ARE "HAIRY"

Spokes-tache for the FHLGO!


Carl Tyler said...

It would officially take me a bout 52 weeks to get anything close to resembling a beard.

By the way the changes worked great!

Chris Blatnick said...

LOL! Steve, your blog entries are priceless. And yes, I think facial adornment is not in my future, as the boss in question (read: Mrs. B) would most certainly forcibly hold me down and hack it off with a razor, not caring if I was sitting still for it or not! ;-)

Steve McDonagh said...

@carl - you can always buy a false one if you want to join. We may be hairy but we in FHLGO aren't fussy. ;-). Glad to hear the changes worked :-)

@Chris - It is always best to keep on the good side of the boss particularly when you share a bed with them!

I shaved the 'tache off about 10 years ago and it is one of the few time I have heard my "better half" use a full sentence based solely on profanities.

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