Thursday 24 April 2008

The Sacrifice of The Duffbert

** The Sacrifice of The Duffbert **
(or How a PID can really smart if you don't use KY Jelly)
(or The Poem Wot I wrote Inspired by Tweeting)

For our mate Duffbert stuck in an all day Change Controls Meeting

Now long didst the change controls meeting plod
and in boredom did The brave Duffbert nod.
Through the forest of RFC docs, cold and dark,
Past Impact Accessor, grim faced and stark
The brave Duffert with must gusto did lament,
"Oh get me an Authority to Im -plee - ment?"

From behinst a rock didst appear a gruesome site
Twas in all their might the CAB team OH NO! OH SHITE!
Brave Druffbert not afraid was he; sure that was never likely
Forsooth he didst grasp his trusty coding pencil tightly
and naked into the dark maw of doom didst he stride
His shield raised high to deflect the comments, snide

The Change Adviser deamons didst appoint a checker
to ensure bold Duffbert had the correct length of .... beard
(you didn't think i would be that coarse now did you?)
Bold Duffbert didst send them a mail and backed up his code
That left the Change Adviser Board with brows most furrowed
"Why?" they didst enquire, "have you sent us a link to twitter?"
Duffert only grinned and his eyelashes he didst flitter.

Suddenly upon the screen so bright didst appear a tweet
From the laptop of Sir Ed of Brill came the words so sweet.
Magic words so rich in power they didst make them shrivel
For this CAB was full of toadies to Microsoft FUD and drivel.
Their hearts were at once filled with a joy that is version eight
Nice blue UI with Live Text and Widgets that are just great.

Twixt Microsoft anguish and Lotus joy did Duffbert then strike
With app changes all approved,placed in a folder, sheaflike.
Combining tools of his own design with those of Teamstudio,
Duffbert didst slam them on the desk his visage all a-glow.
Oh Saddness! In this slamming duffbert's pencil it didst break
And that, mere mortal, is the sacrifice that Duffert didst make!

1 comment:

Thomas "Duffbert" Duff said...

I am honored to be immortalized in this fashion... And thanks for being concerned only with my... beard.

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