Tuesday 1 April 2008

Changing your name

I came across a post the other day on a heretical and rather rude web site that posited the question:

"If your name wasn’t what it is and you had to choose from ‘Aresholeshitpantsfishguts’, ‘Stretchedbumholemoosepus’, or ‘Nigel’, which name would you choose?”

It is an intriguing question, one we should all give some serious consideration to. You have to factor in when this name change would be made. I mean, if it were now it would be merely awkward to go to the bank and say ‘Excuse me, but I have to change the name on my account to Aresholeshitpantsfishguts McDonagh ...Yes, I said Aresholeshitpantsfishguts .. you got a problem with that... No I am not a ASW whatever that is!

Of course that wouldn’t make it easy-peasy or terribly comfortable all the time though. Imagine if you went to visit say a sister in hospital after he had been bitten on the bum by a moose who had a terrible yeast infection on his moose tongue which transmitted itself to the rectal passage of said relative and then when you got to the hospital and you said ‘Hello, I’m here to visit my sister.Yeah. My name? It’s Stretchedbumholemoosepus McDonagh. No, I’m not taking the
piss, I swear dat's my name.

And can you imagine the problems with getting your name changed in Domino.. Your "application" name for your local mail file would become "Stretchedbumholemoosepus on Local" and that just isnt room And you might get a cruel admin type that would find "Nigel" just too funny for words. The cruel slings and arrows you would get when on Sametime and your status reads "Aresholeshitpantsfishguts is Available" might be to hard to bear.


PS yes this WAS a blantant attempt to get found by Volker's two top searches ... Sue Me!

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