Friday 11 April 2008

Eargasm - Just a plain old honest Eargasm

Gentle reader, I am a firm believer in the old alchemists axiom that "what is above, is below". The Sahara has blue skies,is a nice golden colour and is sandy , The Pacific North-west is grey, full of mooses (moosii??) and closed on Sundays mornings. The Sahara therefore attracts more sun than say Tacoma. Basically we get what we deserve. This does little to explain why the pacific northwest continues to push out music that is just well... Eargasm (a new word I have just picked up for audio orgasm). My birthday has just passed and I got several CD's which I have only now got around to listening to. My sister's significant other gave me a copy of "Saturnalia" by the The Gutter Twins. ... I am stunned!

I haven't come across The Gutter Twins together before but the eponymous twins are Greg Dulli (The Twilight Singers,The Afghan Whigs) and Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees, Queens of the Stone Age) both of whom I have enjoyed for many years.

To quote Liz Raftery writing about Saturnalia "an audial descent into the dark emotions that lurk beneath the surface .. the haunting "god's children" sounds like it was penned by U2's long lost cousin form seattle"

I can't really add to that other than ... fan-f**king-tastic ... this CD is a embryonic classic and deserves a listen (just don't expect "happy pop" music)!


Ben Langhinrichs said...

The music was cool, but we need an ASW mark on PlanetLotus, since I have seldom since a post title that was moree designed to say "Follow me!"

Steve McDonagh said...

I cant help it.. thats the way I talk in real life (for my sins) ask Duffbert, he has met me. A shy retiring vocabularily challenged wall flower I am not. It comes out like that naturally rather than by design. I do try really really hard for my geeky ones to be "Dry" they are the ones that are un-natural.

"A very good track that I really like alot" would make me sound like a fecking english public school boy!

Steve McDonagh said...

.. that and i REALLY like this album!

Lars Olufsen said...

Without having heard any more that the video included in your post, Steve, I'm finding myself massively enjoying the fact that there are still artists out there with an urge and a dedication to do something OTHER than marketing-designed chart attacks.

People who transcend the 'popular' to welcome you into their 'real' minds and hearts.

That's what art is all about.

I'm putting these guys on my shortlist. Thanks for the heads-up.


Steve McDonagh said...

I probably would have missed this one had it not been for Mike (my Sis's other half) who is a real music fan. He knows where to look for "new" music and like you prefers those musicians that want to craft "music"
rather than just "make" it.

He also pointed me at Sigur Ros who I had discounted as part of the Icelandic Pixie Movement, having said that they ARE an acquired taste! Also Tom Baxter, who falls into a more melodic genre than The Gutter Twins but is well worth a listen not only that he is quite a talented artist or the painting variety. Lastly the lead singer of Idlewild Roddy Woomble released a CD about a year or so ago which is just stunning.
Some links.
Roddy Woomble
Tom Baxter


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