Monday 14 July 2008

Whilst out for a Walk

Hey ho!
Having fought the good fight against the ciggies for some months now I have fallen prey to the after effects of several months of nibbling. I weighed myself which is really odd for me, but my favorite jeans now required a large amount of breathing in and rolling on the floor swearing to get on.

Action needed to be taken!

So today, being a public holiday I made the first steps in loosing some weight by (a) not eating and snacking as much and (b) by going for an hour long walk. So I am now 15St 6lb (thats 216 lbs for youse USians) and I am going to try and get down to the 13.5 stone (189 lbs) so thats a target of 27 lbs before vacation time at the end of August.

Which is sort of beside the point. I went for a walk down beside the River Bann that runs down the length of Northern Ireland. It was a lovely evening and the walk (or at this stage in the diet wobble) was rather more pleasant than I thought it would be, so I took some piccies... and here they are...

A Common Spotted Orchid

Bramble Blossom

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