Sunday 27 July 2008

Politicans about as useful as chocolate fire guard and 100 time more offensive

If you are of a religious bent or enjoy politics this post will prob offend so I would recommend you don't go any further.

Remind me someone, why we actually need politicians? Has anyone worked out what they
actually do other that (a) totally F**K things up by accident (b) F**k things up because God told them to or (c) narrowly avoid F**King things up because they were shagging/fellating/handcuffed* to their secretary/prostitute/horse/hand* (*delete as appropriate) at the time.

The spark for this particular rant is this: I was catching up on the news today and I came across this. Now this is not an earth shattering story it is just some ginger-haired-god-bothering-twonk that thinks gay people are comparable to child abusers. A common belief amongst god-bothering- twonks and preached from many a pulpit the world over and is the cause of a contention that threatens to split the Church of England ... I digress .. what pisses me off is that she is the Chairperson of the Health committee that formulates policy for the province of Ulster.

Now quite a lot of people complained when she came out with this particular bit of ignorant and dangerous shite and the Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, the body that monitors MPs’ code of conduct, said that despite these complaints, nothing can be done as “the commissioner’s remit does not cover an MP’s reglious views or opinions”. (emphasis mine)

WTF? So she could get away with "Witches are an abomination let's burn them" because it says so in the Leviticus? Oh thats a religious belief! Better Pussy foot around that one! Can't offend those of faith, lets just quietly burn the witches they are probably Catholic anyway.

Is it just me or is that just plain wrong? If we have all got together and seen sense, making it legal to have a relationship with whoever it is we fall in love with, why can someone come along and say something like.. "There can be no viler act, apart from homosexuality and sodomy, than sexually abusing innocent children" and get away with it, just because she believes in a particular deity that supports her own prejudices, we have to agree and let it pass without comment and her without official censure?

If for example she was a follower of Ballix the god of athletic supports who actually approved of gay people but really really despised dried-up-bigoted-ginger-haired-female-politicians. So much so that in the 3000 year old holy dictation of his views (the "Ballixgraffa") harridans of the aforementioned ilk were condemned to death ... would she rush out and kill herself? Perhaps she would just go and get some therapy (yes she believes a good talking to can cure homosexuality) and she would cease to be worse than a child molester and be able to once again be able to worship at foot of the holy jock strap of Antioch in the local temple of the two hairy oblate spheroids.

Iris, you and those like you who claim to speak "for the people of Northern Ireland" well you tight arsed, prune faced, arse wipe of a harpy YOU DO NOT!

You speak for the bigoted closed minded people that are scared of any thing, idea or person that is different. You speak for those that chained up the swings in parks on a Sunday when I was young, lest a child actually accidentally sin by enjoying themselves on the Lord's day. You speak for those that want to live in some born again Christian utopia where it is perfectly acceptable to call down both celestial and temporal judgment on those that aren't the same as you without fear of contradiction. Those same people that tacitly supported for 30 years the idea that all Catholics (who happen to worship the same f**king god as yourselves) were fair game for the Protestant Paramilitaries. Those who see no moral problem with singing "we are,we are, we are ,the billy boys. we are up to our necks in Fenian blood surrender or you die" on the way home from the pub on Saturday and going to worship a supposed loving god on the next.

But most of all you do not speak for me and I hate your assertion that you do!

**EDIT** Please note all references to "Ginger" and "Red-Headed" are purely descriptive and not meant to imply negativity on those who are blessed by having flaming locks!

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