Friday 4 July 2008

A bit of a dampness problem @ the office

Today it rained. Now not the normal "norn iron" rain this was teenager in a major strop rain. It lasted for about an hour and was the cause of much comment as I and my geeky colleagues looked worriedly out of the window and the car park became a swimming pool. Un-beknownst to us there was a hidden manhole cover under the carpet of the office and as the volume of water increased the capacity of the storm drain below the self same manhole cover to drain became decreased.

One of my colleagues called me from the other side of the room "Steve you had better look around" Now I was deep in concentration bug hunting in a new application and gave my stock reply for occasions such as these "huh???????". My colleague continued "No Steve I really think you should look around now!" Something in his tone made me look around and there in the middle of the floor coming through the carpet were 4 small fountains of water around 6-7 inches high.

There then followed 5 minutes of a mad scramble to get as much off the floor as possible starting with electrical stuff and ending with my spare dry socks that I keep under the desk (I am a motorcyclist and dry socks in the office are a must-have!) . We managed to get everything lifted in time. The water got to a depth of about an inch and then gradually drained away, leaving my office rather... damp .. Hey ho! Such things brighten up the day!

The forecast is not good for tomorrow either so I have dug out my old wetsuit and I will be prepared tomorrow .... for those of a sensitive disposition I have hidden the picture of me wetsuited.

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