Saturday 19 July 2008

Moden Life - The future of terror - a personal apraisal

Gentle Reader
I was a passed a book of poetry the other day. It has been a long time since a piece of modern poetry made me sit up and take notice. There are a few peots Seamus Heaney, Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill and even my little sister Janet being exceptions that make me sit up and take notice.

This did ...

The collection is called "Modern Life" by Matthea Harvey and it is just fantastic .. well i think so ;-) Go to here and have a read of poem Terror if the Future 7 (or listen).

Comic-melancholic, stranger than fiction, confabular and cartoonish, and invitation to all-to-real pressures of the "terror years." The two largest sequences, "The Future of Terror," and "The Terror of the Future," in fact, act as political and personal evocations to love in a time of uncertainty and dread. Both fragmented and incomplete abecedarians, these sequences confront our own subjective worry and inability to act.

If you like poetry and even if you don't this is well worth searching out!

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