Wednesday 9 July 2008

I had a small lotusbeer event in Singapore

Gentle reader,
yesterday I arrived in hot and steamy Singapore! Let me say that SGP airport is one of the nicest I have travelled through! The plane touched down at 8:00am and I was out of the airport with bags and in a taxi at 8:25. The immigration lady that stamped my passport even smiled at me!

After catching my breath and a few hours ZZZzzzzz.... I met up with Stephan.Wissel local Singaporean Notes Guru and all round nice guy for some Satay,Stingray ,some green stuff which was very nice but i didnt get the name and most importantly (for me) beer. We had a pleasant evening geeking about Notes/Domino stuff and then we dandered (Irish for a slow walk) back to my hotel. It was a very nice evening and most unexpected Thank you Stephan! :-)

The evening was sort of arranged via the good services of this blog, planetlotus and twitter and given that this was the first time that has happened it has left me with a nice warm feeling about the whole "social" networking area. I think that if you are reading this and have not dipped your toes in the whole web 2.0 pond it is well worth it! You meet the nicest people and they talk the same level of geekish as you! :-)

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