Tuesday 15 July 2008

Squirrel - 2 walks in 2 days and with no pub involvement!

I have been for another unsolicited walk! Will wonders never cease? Having done the river yesterday it was time for the forest today and a wander around the 3km forest trail at "the trim trail" the car park of which I have to say is a spot best avoided after dark ... "dogging" need I say more? Which is a pity because it is 3 very pleasant trails to tramp around.

Now for this apprentice micheline man walking is not an entirely welcome pastime, if i need to be somewhere it is much nicer going there by motorcycle usually very very quickly. The down side of this my more normal method of transport is that you miss the detail, a fact that had slipped my mind.

Anyway I was samba-ing around the trail to the iPlod provided by Claudio Zoli ... oh he is so cool and it has a good beat to plod to.Ben If you are reading this.. it is worth having a listen to .. bitching bass and back beat.

... oh please don't get the idea i can samba ... cos I can't, i wish i could but sadly my talents lie in other directions.

Anyway I came across some more things that made me stop and stare for a moment or two and with my Sony Walkperson phone cam thingumy took these photos.

Now the plants on the left are stingy nettles (BOOO!) and the broad leaved plants on the right are Dockens or Docks (YEAH!) If you get stung by a stingy nettle rub a dock leaf on the sting and it will stop stinging quicker than with no rub. Dock leaves also good for wiping your bum with if you find yourself bereft of toilet paper when camping!

This is a ver dead tree with the most amazing branch structure, well perhaps only amazing because it is horizontal and not vertical ?? I also think there needs to be a naked woman in there somewhere ... sex and death are powerful motifs ... I wonder if I can find a nude model..hmmmm?

This is a useful weed, called fireweed, or willow herb , you can smoke if you run out of tobacco or use the root, ground up, as a poultice to get pus out of a boil. But when walking OOOOOOH what at fantastic colour

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