Wednesday 2 July 2008

A rant about email subjects or (I'm busy now. Can I ignore you some other time?)

Ok gentle reader ... here I sit with a cup of coffee grasped white knuckled as I compare the steam coming from the coffee and that which is even now venting from my ears!

F*****G A*** wipes that send me email!

Well to be fair not everyone who sends me email just those that send me email with totally meaningless subjects!

To me, the Subject is a preview of what's to come; it helps me decide which messages should be read immediately and which can wait.If you get 50-70 emails a day that can save a lot of time.
I find it especially annoying when the Subject is something like, "Re: Problem with VPN" and I open it believing it to be a continuation of a problem the user had experienced yesterday. On opening I find that it is in fact a new query about something totally unrelated to VPN's. The user rather than creating a new email has used my response to an old email thread to create an entirely new one... GRRRRRRR!


I have visited the offending oaf that sent me the email that started this rant and set his network password to be ant1di53$t@bl1$Hm3nt@Ri@ni5m and to get into his Blackberry Pearl will require wykxnphiyfskxw (those eagle-eyed amongst you will recoginise is as being a double tap for each letter) I can be a vindicitve B******D when I want to be but perhaps he will learn 2 valuable lessons..

(a) Don't send messages with meaningless subjects
(b) Don't piss me off

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