Monday 28 July 2008

Last Sametime V8.0.1 upgrade woe resolved

Recently we upgraded our core ST server to V8.0.1 and thereafter we could not get the other servers in the community to connect. Most of the servers were upgraded and the problem went away but a difficult to get at satellite server remained at version 7.5 and it was resolutley rejected by the other servers.

The sametime log showed
28/Jul/08, 20:20:02 Rejecting server 999.999.999.999 - reported security level=0
Now I had come across this before back when we moved from Sametime V6 to V7 and the fix defined here fixed the problem by setting VP_SECURITY_LEVEL=0 The V8.0.1 upgraded Sametime.ini had VP_SECURITY_LEVEL=25. Once this value was set to 0 all the V8* servers and the ST services restarted . All the community servers now chat merrily to each other.

According to the bumph here this setting should define what is the lowest server allowed to connect. This was set to 25 it had previously been 75. Since 25 is less than 75 there shouldnt have been a problem ... there was.

At least it was easily fixed and all the ST'ers are now happily IM'ing each other.

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