Sunday 27 July 2008

Learning how to fish from the masters.

There is a old Irish proverb that goes
"Listen to the sound of the river and you will catch a fish"
Which is what I did yesterday evening but as luck would have it I did very little catching and a lot of looking and listening. The main reason being their was a pod of harbour porpoise teaching some of their youngsters how to herd fish between the piers at the river mouth and then ambush them at speed. Nature has formed these creatures into warm blooded torpedoes capable of amazing turns of speed. Perhaps it I am seeing intelligence were none exists. But watching this family work the river to maximize their catch and involve the youngsters at every stage is indeed a marvel.

Needless to say the rod stayed out of the water and instead I watched when people stopped to ask why i wasn't fishing I would point out the little family of fishermen in the river and soon a small crowd had gathered. Good fun was had by all .. and we got a spectacular sun-set when just for a moment sunbeams speared through the thunderclouds.

A good day!

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