Sunday 6 July 2008

Oh and before I forget - I recommend this as damn good listen

Oh, I discovered this chap while watching the Gastonbury festival highlights on the tube.

Seth Lakeman - from Cornwall in the south west of England. The land of King Arthur, Merlin and a visious sub-genre of cider called "scrumpy". Now he is officially classed as "folk". I suppose cos he plays the fiddle and has banjoes on his albums but do not dismiss him as "finger-in-the-ear-wailing-and-diddly-dee" music. Keep and open mind and go have a listen to the tracks from his new album "poor man's heaven" on myspace. What nearly put me off was he was described as "Folk Rock Tottie" as according to those that know (ladies) he is an 8.75/10 on the George Clooney Moisture Induction Index - Lucky Bastard talented and good-looking ... not that I am jealous nor nothing!

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