Sunday 18 May 2008

A Sunday Evening in May

It was such a lovely evening and next week is probably going to be a female-pitbull-with-PMT I took the opportunity to take the bike out for a bit of a whirl around the Ulster May country side. I took the cam with me to record the cloudless sky.

This is my baby, like me a bit long in the tooth but feisty and reliable and wonderful in the country side around here where there are few straight roads and lots and lots of wee twisty ones! (click on the piccies below if you want closer look)

As you can see the good weather has brought out the crowds in force. Such a shame it is normally such a nice peaceful beach but at least you get to see a cloudless blue irish sky!.

Were it not for the gorse (yellow) and the may thorn (white) being in bloom I would say it was July.

Long may this spring last!

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