Saturday 10 May 2008

Domino Blogger Band - Update

OK - Thanks to all that participated !
and here was me thinking I was the one with the mega weird mind !
and here is a list of the suggestions to date ... If any one has any more let me know and then i think I feel a poll coming on.

Flatulent Apocalypse
Eclipse and the Sluggish Loaders
The Object Variable Not Set
The BS (
The Bloggers System)
Twistie and the Views
Notes Liberation Front
Graceful degradation
Occular Love Pocket
Wicked Yellows
Bleed Yellow
General Failure
Empty Trash
Travel(l)ing Geeks
Progressive Disclosure
Garbage Collection
The Backward Compatibles
The B-Trees
Redd Booke and the YellowJackets
Workspace And The Chicklets

We also need a Genre so that our first release can be tagged on iPlods and the like, anything is acceptable (EXCEPT C&W which I for one refuse to listen to let along play) ... oh and it was suggested Duffbert be a front man but only if he wore spandex. Sorry but that is against the law in Ireland use of spandex was banned by common consent in 1991 after the great "codpiece stuffed with prime pork sausage - Bono deeply embarassed" scandal.

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