Thursday 8 May 2008

Domino Blogger Band Name required - Apply below

Ok here is a wee one ... I am sure there are enuff musos out there for us to be able to front up not only a band but a small orchestra at one of the LOTUS functions, ILUG LS, UKLUG etc ..
I am sure we would have no end to the volunteers for such an undertaking.

However what would the band be called?

"Accidental Goat Sodomy" is quite good but rather too expressive i fear

Bunchoffeckingeeks" is rather too apt.

"Flatulent Apocalypse" - Hmmmmmm perhaps if we want a metal edge

"Eclipse and the Sluggish Loaders" - To near the bone me thinks AND it sounds way to C&W

"Moist Speculum and the AJAX maggots" - too punky.....perhaps if it was 1989 again.

"The Object Variable Not Set" ~chortle~

Since Jess has volunteered already we could be "Jess and the guys with yellow rucksacks"

Anyway all suggestions for
(a) Band Names
(b) Song Titles
(c) Lyrics (We soooooo need a Lotus Song!)
gratefully received!

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