Saturday 24 May 2008

A plug for a nice wee iSeries tool

I don't do this often however I thought I would give a bit of a plug to an iSeries tool we got years and years ago. I actually runs on our Domino server on WinTel but talks directly to all of our iSeries boxes. The tools is called
This little gem sits and pretends it is a LPD printer which you can set an iSeries OUTQ to point at just like any other IP printer. When a spool file appears on the OUTQ it is sent to PDFing and is converted to a PDF file which can then be emailed directly to your domino server (or the world in general). It can handle straight reports, IPDS reports and even stuff like barcodes. Oh an it can also convert iSeries reports to M$ ExHell should you be a complete pervert ;-)

We bought this tool 8 years ago and it always has run a treat. As of yesterday it had converted 850,000 iSeries reports to PDF, TXT and ExHell.

Thank you PDFing .. Great Job Keep it up!

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