Wednesday 21 May 2008

Getting Spammed by an anti spam company

Got a bunch of emails today from a company called "untangle" ... which claims to be a spam filter which has caught some mail from me and that I should go and check it and release it.

A closer look at the "release" and "delete" links show they are pointing at https// addresses.

The email header shows it originates from which is registered to Ugam Solutions UK Ltd. which surprise surprise is a marketing company.

So here we have what is probably a decent anti spam product and some prawn in Marketing has thought .. we need to advertise! Lets get some marketing company to send 10,000s of pointless mails because we can reach a lot of people that way and it may not have been done before.. well it has and it is called SPAM and your company is trying to stop it.

I have never Heard of UNTANGLE
I have never until today visited the UNTANGLE site
I have never requested information from them
I NEVER tick the "send me information" boxes on web pages or register with marketing companies for "interesting newsletters". In fact two of the addresses this mail was sent to are totally fictitious addresses set up and published on a web page to act as spam magnet for web crawler bots and the mail sent to these accounts keeps our Bayesian filters current.

I hate sending to ABUSE@ addresses, because at best you get a form mail back and then nothing happens. So I have posted my surprise on there forums here. I await a response with interest

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