Thursday 22 May 2008

Getting spammed by a anti-spam company **update**

Well it seems I was mistaken yesterday in this post.
I was not getting spammed by untangle themselves in fact I was not getting spammed at all the problem appears to have been a misconfigured server. To quote Van Patrick from the thread I started on their forum yesterday.
... what is happening is that an Untangle user has their server mis-configured to filter outbound email and then send quarantine notices to the intended recipients for any email that gets blocked as spam. So, somebody at this user site was attempting to send something that may be spam to you, their Untangle server stopped it, and then their Untangle server notified you that it stopped it. These notifications have an Untangle logo on them, but they come from an Untangle server owned by this user.
Now I do have to say the people at Untangle acted quickly and professionally to both contact me and to get this sorted even though it was not actually their problem. So let me take this opportunity to thank them for doing this and to retract the accusation I made yesterday that they were spamming me, they weren't.

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